COMMERCIAL > Freedom Park Arlington, Virginia

Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, Virginia was initially conceived as an elevated roadway around the central downtown to separate it from pedestrian traffic. The outcome of this was to circumvent and separate traffic from retail activities in the local market on Wilson Boulevard. The developers of the surrounding buildings, Westfield Realty, housing USA Today and numerous high end tenants, wanted to resolve an unsightly, lingering and unfinished elevated roadway construction. The result was a new urban park that transformed a source of distress into a welcome urban retreat. This park added the connecting features to link the Newseum development to the pedestrian traffic that was effectively cut off. A unifying green space oasis which is elevated above the traffic contains a beautiful water feature and journalistís memorial plaza which enhance the significance of the park experience. Extensive plantings and performance areas serve to enable multiple community functions and outdoor dining. A terraced decent to street level guides the visitor past multiple artifacts related to the Freedom Forumís theme of freedom of the press.

This project was recognized by the Masonry Institute Inc. and received First Award for Design.

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